The Seasons Change

In our part of the world right now, the leaves on the trees are changing from vibrant green to stunning shades of red, orange, yellow and everything in between. Fall has arrived and with it cooler weather, Woolly Bear Caterpillars and a mention of a first snow!

Focus Change

Things around here are changing as well, and with those changes, I made the decision to alter the direction of this blog. The blog will now have a two-fold focus. One half of the focus will be on recipes for, and eating, primarily an Anti-Inflammatory diet. The second half of the blog’s focus will now be on fun, creative endeavors to bring joy into our lives and the lives of others. Hence the tag line, “Neurosarcoidosis: Food and Fun!”

I know there are a zillion and one “diets” out there. Paleo, Keto, AIP, Paleo-AIP, Whole 30, Mediterranean, Vegan, Flat Belly, Raw Food, Acid Watchers. . .do I have to go on? I think you get the idea. The Anti-Inflammatory diet is one that is based upon eating foods that do not increase or add to the inflammation process in the body. Anyone who has an Auto-Immune condition may want to look into this way of eating. It (as many of the other diets also do) places an emphasis on eating real foods, many of which are plants.

The Fine Print

I am not a food scientist, physician or scholar. Therefore I cannot make specific recommendations for what you should or shouldn’t eat, but I can tell you about the Anti-Inflammatory way of eating and hope you learn enough about it to want to start your own research into healthier ways of eating.

Focus on Fun

The other focus of this blog is fun. I recently read a post where an individual said they have given up crafting because, with their disorder, they are currently unable to clean the house. I get it. That is me to a certain degree. Is it you, too? The thinking is that if I’m too sick or tired to “contribute” in the way I think I should be able to, then I’ve not “earned” the right to enjoy time for myself reading or crafting or whatever it is that brings a smile to your face.

Focus on Replenishing and Refreshing

That way of thinking, as prevalent as it may be, and as logical as it may seem at the time, will actually take you in a direction you don’t want to go. Because Sarcoidosis and Neuro take so much from you, you actually need to replenish your reserves with snippets of joy here and there, and sometimes that means doing things for you, whether or not you got the kitchen cleaned today.

Focus on Food and Fun

So I hope you will join me for recipes and crafts and fun, oh my! And if you are feeling up to it, I would love to hear from you. If you aren’t having a good day today, I hope tomorrow is better.

Xoxo, Sandy

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