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It IS summertime and it won’t be long before the heat and humidity chase the kids indoors in search of the comfort of air conditioning and something fun to do inside. Here in the Midwest, June, July and August days often hit triple digit comfort indices and the humidity has you drooping before you barely take a step outside.

On days like that, it’s nice for a Mama to have a few simple craft supplies on hand to encourage creativity and critical thinking, (cause hey, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean learning goes on vacation!)

Enter Kirigami, Paper Cutting And Folding by Rachael L. Thomas.

I like to think of Kirigami as Origami’s cousin.

Most people are familiar with Origami, which involves folding paper into amazing objects and shapes. Kirigami, (“kiru” means to cut and “gami” means paper) involves folded paper that is cut and sometimes even glued into amazing art pieces. Symmetry is an important element of Kirigami.

Some creations are more difficult, but there are numerous Kirigami crafts kids can make. . . and they can always use their imagination to make even more!

All you need are various weighted papers like notebook or computer, construction, waxed, freezer paper and even parchment. Use what you have on hand, but remember, the more thin the paper, the easier it is to cut.

You will also want to have a ruler, pencil, tape, a stapler, maybe some glue and of course, age appropriate scissors on hand.

From there, simple Kirigami patterns and templates can be found on Pinterest of course, but I encourage you to check out your local library and indie bookstore to nab a copy of Kirigami Paper Cutting And Folding. Other books on Kirigami are available as well.

Here is a Kirigami window decoration that my daughter’s friend made for this blog post. It looks really good against the dark wood, and super interesting on the window, against the horizontal blinds!

Kirigami Window Decoration on Cabinet
Kirigami Window Decoration

We found this pattern in Rachael Thomas’s book.

I hope you enjoy sitting around in the cool this summer, making Kirigami creations with your kids!

Happy crafting!