Book Review: One Big Heart, A Celebration of Being More Alike Than Different

by Linsey Davis, illustrations by Lucy Fleming

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Where to start with this one? Probably, honestly, at the beginning. . .at the beginning when I started to prep for this post, and I was really starting to pore over this book.

You might say, that among other things, I am a picture book snob. And you’d be right. I won’t post a blog about a book I don’t believe in, or one that I don’t make a connection to. The book has to resonate with me, because then I know it will resonate with some children.

It’s understandable then, that not all books make it to this space. I’d estimate that for every five children’s books I read, only about two or three make it to this tiny spot on the internet. There are various reasons why, and I guess that’s a blog post for another day.

So when I realized the author, Linsey T. Davis, was an award winning news correspondent, my heart sank. My heart sank because some of the celebrity picture books I’ve read have left me less than connected. Now, my mama always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, don’t say anything at all,” and I think that adage certainly applies here.

I want to be a purveyor of good things in this world. Bright, illuminating things. Like love. Happy, cheerful things. Like acceptance and understanding. My tag line is, Childhood Should Be Magical, and I believe that with my whole heart.

I guess that’s a somewhat long introduction to say One Big Heart did not disappoint! In fact, the exact opposite.The theme. . .the incredibly adorable illustrations. . . the message. . .the sing-song lyrics, were all expertly woven together into a tapestry of love. . .and understanding. . .and acceptance of our differences as human beings.

I am thrilled to recommend One Big Heart, A Celebration of Being More Alike Than Different to parents and grands, churches and schools, after-school organizations and parachurch organizations and generally anybody who wants to gently wrap children in a cloth of understanding of God’s great big love for every person He’s created.

It is truly apparent that Ms. Davis, as a mom, finds it important to slow her busy days long enough to drink in the world through the eyes of her own child. And the great part for us? She has the gift to translate what she sees into enchanting, rhythmic verses for everyone to enjoy. Lovely!

The book is fun and whimsical and oh so sweet. It’s sure to be a family favorite. This is one I wish I’d had in our family library when my kids were littles.

And the illustrations? A great big thank you to Lucy Fleming for the darling artwork! Lucy captures the essence of childhood and translates it into brightly colored images for everyone to enjoy. Wonderful!

PS: My favorite character is the girl with the puff! I’ve got an idea as to who she might be. What do you think?

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