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Once upon a time there was a high school girl who secretly smiled every time her English teacher assigned an essay. (Yes, that was me.) Writing has always been something I have enjoyed, second only to reading. I’ve been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember, having even spent time “reading” the dictionary while in middle school. (Insert goofy, smiley face here.)

After graduating from college, I took my place in the corporate world, and noticed coworkers struggled to write reports, memos and emails. “Funny,” I mused, “those are so easy to write.” But there was no time to give any more thought to the matter. I completed my corporate writing assignments, helped coworkers as I could, and life went on.

Fifteen years later I was married and a mama. Though I lost my own mother at a young age, I will never forget what a fun, loving mother she was, and I worked to emulate her spirit into my new life with my own family.

One day, there was an opportunity to write about my mom and I leaped at the chance. . .and the short story, “Hey, Kool-Aid Mom!” was published in an anthology. This was a fitting tribute to my mother, and it served as the beginning of my writing career.

Now, ten years later, there have been numerous parenting articles published, two invitations to be interviewed on television, and one invitation for an interview on local radio.

As I’ve continued writing, my passion has landed on picture books. This may be due in part to the less than magical childhood I endured, but nonetheless, I find in picture books the whimsical, sparkly playfulness that I believe every childhood should be filled with.

I’ve made it my goal to promote picture books in particular, along with reading and writing. I hope to also encourage the making of positive childhood memories through family reading.

The purpose in structuring this blog toward picture books is to conceptualize my passion and provide a space for all things picture book, whether that’s reviewing them, writing them or sharing them with you.

I share my passion for reading and writing with my two young adult children, my Licensed Psychologist husband, and our two kitties, puppy and frog.

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